The options available for Agile Certifications are many. This article describes only the famous certification options.

Agile Certification Options

  • PMI-ACP® by Project Management Institute
  • Agile Scrum Master by EXIN Holding B.V.
  • Professional Scrum Master by
  • Certified Scrum Master by Scrum Alliance

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Other than these options, there are others available on the scaled Agile frameworks

  • SAFe Agilist by Scaled Agile Academy
  • LeSS Practitioner by
  • Nexus by

Who should do the Agile certification?

  • Agile certifications need to be done by practicing project managers, scrum masters and product owners to evaluate the knowledge they have on Agile
  • Solution Architects should know what solutions to propose if agile is adopted – this would involve differences in the way they look at the product. In agile we do not look at the product as a whole but break it down in into incremental smaller pieces. Therefore it is essential for the Solution architects to know the details of Agile.
  • Business Analysts need to understand the Product Owner role in the Agile methodology hence Product Owner Agile certification may add value to the Business Analyst.
  • Senior Management should know the basics of Agile Project Management. Hence Agile certifications will add immense value to the Senior Management
  • Senior Architects need to see how to scale the agile project management to the next level by implementing in programs and portfolios. hence scaling certifications add value to the Senior Architects.

What factors should you consider while doing Agile Certifications?

  • One must first pay attention to the intention of doing the certification. Is it scaling, is it getting introduced or is it getting into details?
  • Agile certification cost is another major factor. Some certifications may offer lower cost to start with but may have recurring costs. One must look at a 10 year horizon while looking at cost as a factor.
    • CSM certification has a recurring cost of $150 every 2 years.
    • PMI-ACP has a recurring cost of $120 every 3 years plus a PDU collection effort
    • SAFe has to be renewed every year and $100 recurring cost
  • Acceptability in a job market. Most certificates mentioned above are acceptable in the job market.
  • Reimbursement from your company.
  • At the end, I must say that one must focus on building depth in any subject regardless of any certifications that you may have on your resume
  • I have prepared a agile certification cost matrix below. These are approximate costs and exclude government taxes such as GST. Please note that these costs may change any time since I have taken a horizon of 10 years. There are 3 factors I have considered while deriving the total cost for 10 years
    • Initial Training fees
    • Scrum or Agile certification cost (Initial cost)
    • Agile certification cost every X years- renewal fees. USD cost is converted to INR using conversion rate of 1 USD = INR 65

Agile Certification Cost Matrix

CertificationOur Training Fees (INR)Certification FeesRenewal FeesTotal 10 year cost (INR)
PSM-110500$150 (~10500)------21000
CSM22000----$150 (~10500) every 2 years - 4 renewals
PMI-ACP10500$495 (~30000)$120 (~7500) every 3 years - 3 renewals62000

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