Amit’s Scrum Master Training – One Agile Training, Option of 3 Certificates

Amit’s approach is to provide you with in-depth agile training so that you become an expert on Agile and Scrum. Amit leaves it to you to select the certificate which you want to attain (you can opt for all 3 without attending another training workshop). The three certificates you can opt for are

Amit enables you with Mock Exams, Exam facilitation and post-training support so that you clear the certification exam that you want to easily. ASM paper-based-exam is done immediately after the agile training if one wants to complete the certification on the 2nd day.

We have 100% pass rates* on all 3 examinations until date (500+ certified).


 Highlights of the Amit’s Classroom Training on Scrum/Agile

  • Games and Simulations
  • Lots of exercises and case studies
  • ZERO powerpoint. The workshop is full of fun and learning.
  • Amit has trained more than 1000 students and the students are thrilled after the workshop is done

Classroom Training Techniques of Amit Kulkarni

Syllabus of 2-day Agile Classroom Training

SECTION I : Foundation Concepts on Agile


Scrum Events (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective and The Sprint)

SECTION III : Beyond Scrum

9 Requirements Prioritization
10 Agile Estimation

SECTION IV : Value of Engineering Practices

12 Facilitation Techniques

Deliverables of Amit’s Scrum Master Training

  • 2 days of Scrum Master training (Classroom) (9AM to 5PM)
  • Mock Tests
    • 6 Mock tests on PMI-ACP (720 questions)
    • 3 Mock tests on PSM-1 (240 questions)
    • 3 PDF Mock Tests to test your agile terminology knowledge (360 questions)
    • 2 Mock tests on ASM (80 questions) to be solved during the class
  • Comprehensive book on Agile by Amit Kulkarni (250 pages)
  • Class workbook
  • Post Training support (no limit)
  • Direct access to Amit even after the Agile training
  • Online Agile course

Sample Videos of Amit’s Scrum Master Training

Scrum Lifecycle – By Amit Kulkarni

Mahatma Gandhi as the Servant Leader

Scrum Master – The Coach

Participant Feedback Video


*PMI-ACP pass rate data is based on the information provided by the students after they passed the examination. We do not get intimation from PMI regarding PMI-ACP examinations.