Amit’s DevOps Classroom Training in Mumbai / DevOps Certification Workshop

Learn from Amit Kulkarni practically on DevOps Classroom Training in Mumbai/ DevOps Certification workshop includes- DevOps tools, Agile and how DevOps and Agile go hand in hand.

  • Introduction to basic concepts of DevOps
  • Advanced concepts such as the entire Deployment Pipeline from Development to the Deployment
  • Understand the context of ITIL, LEAN and AGILE with DevOps
  • Delegates have option to appear for Certification Examination at extra cost.
  • Amit will simulate the entire tool-chain including a Maven, Apache, Jenkins, SVN, Docker and Continuously Deployed website using Jenkin scripts. The objective would be to do a small case study and understand the end-to-end context rather than just theory.
  • The core concepts such as Cloud, Infrastructure as code would be covered using Amazon Web Services (AWS) demo where Amit will demonstrate the use of EC2 Linux and a use-case of Docker deployed on the cloud.
  • Get DevOps Certification from Exin or DevOps Institute immediately after the training at DevOps Classroom Training in Mumbai
  • The certificates are life-long and have ZERO renewal fees
DevOps3-4 Nov 2018
Choose between
DevOps Foundation by DevOps Institute
DevOps Master by EXIN
TrainerAmit Kulkarni
LocationUnit 220, Lodha Supremus 2, Wagle Estate, Thane (W)

Devops Certification Options

DevOps Master    DevOps Foundation

Topics Covered in the 2 Day DevOps Training workshop

DevOps Tools covered during the DevOps Certification workshop

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