Our Scrum Product Owner Certification (CSPO) Conducted by Mr.Amit Kulkarni is organised at Thane location.


Certified Product Owner A Product Owner is the one who creates and maintains the product vision, Maintains the Product Backlog, and ensures that the best possible job is done to satisfy the customer.

To gain CSPOcertification from Scrum Alliance you need to complete below REQUIREMENTS

  • Attend 16-hour course taught by our Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®), Mr Amit Kulkarni.
  • After successfully completing the course, you will be asked to accept the CSPO License Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile.

Below is our schedule for CSPO Training at Thane

Mumbai(Thane)5-6 November 2019Hotel Fortune,Thane

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Syllabus and Certification Details


  1. Two days Classroom Training with CSPO Certification
  2. Lifetime faculty support from Amit Kulkarni in Thane (Mumbai) office or on phone
  3. Participant workbook
  4. Online preparatory video by Amit on Scrum
  5. Online self learning Agile course which includes topics “Beyond Scrum” such as tools, techniques, User Story writing etc

Our Differentiators:

Case Study Approach :
A case study is run throughout the workshop and the participants are made aware of the various steps to finally get the product backlog ready.
From Strategy to Tactical :
PO role is Strategic as well as Tactical. Amit’s PO workshop consists of right blend of Tactical responsibilities and Strategic responsibilities. Amit gets all the Tactical and strategic elements practiced from the participants.
  • Tactical responsibilities include User Story writing, acceptance criteria writing, requirements elicitation techniques etc
  • Strategic responsibilities include Product Visioning techniques, Product Strategy writing, Product Roadmap creation and Release Planning.

About Faculty Amit Kulkarni

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Training (Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad) is conducted by the famous faculty Mr. Amit Kulkarni. Amit has 22+ years of experience in IT field and has conducted more than 100 training workshops on agile alone. Amit’s CSPO Training focuses on learning rather than just a certification. Amit conducts various exercises, conducts games and makes the class very interesting. Read Amit’s Blog by clicking the following button

Amit's Blog on Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Agile Testing and Lean/Kanban

Here are some Photos, techniques used and sample videos of Amit Kulkarni in action during the class

Some Glimpse in Amit’s Class

Photos of past Scrum Product Owner Certification

CSPO - World of Agile1

Drawing Technique used by Amit to make visual representations which participants can remember

Scrum Lifecycle drawn during CSM and CSPO workshop by Amit Kulkarni
Scrum Lifecycle

Product Vision
Product Lifecycle

Story Telling Technique used by Amit Kulkarni to explain difficult concepts

Gaming Techniques used by Amit Kulkarni to make difficult concepts easy

Amit has trained more than 3000+ from 2014 at various locations such as Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata. Here are a few glimpses of the training conducted by Amit.

Participant Feedbacks:
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No better people to tell about us than our students, so, see and listen to what our students have said after the workshop was completed at Mumbai in Nov 2018 and Jan 2018.

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